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A country that for some reason has never made the Safari bucket list headlines. Surprisingly however, Zambia is home to some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa with a refreshingly diverse portfolio of lodges and camps not run by overpowering corporates. Renowned for excellent Leopard viewing, alluring 'blue-light' woodlands and some of the most productive low lying valleys on the continent, Zambia is an excellent choice for true safari goers in search of quieter corners and true wilderness.


South Luangwa

Notorious for its Leopard density, one of the highest on Earth, and for the late dry season concentration of wildlife, the Luangwa Valley is an exceptional destination for those seeking new pastures. With the careful choice of camp, a safari to South Luangwa has the ability to turn average safari goers into multiple repeat offenders.


Lower Zambezi

Situated on the northern bank of the Zambezi River at the foothills of the Zambezi escarpment, The Lower Zambezi NP rivals the famous Mana Pools across the river in Zimbabwe. Unlike Mana Pools, you can escape here with far fewer people if you choose your camp right. Extraordinary woodlands line the river and there is no no other place in African with such exceptional scenes of habitat, light and animal.


Image courtesy of Time + Tide

Liuwa Plains

An exceptional Zambian conservation success story and a recent offering to Zambia's portfolio of growing safari destination's, Liuwa Plains is a nice little secret. Known for the seasonal Wildebeest migration, flooded wetlands and excellent birdlife, its a hidden gem for those in search of something off the main safari circuits of Zambia.


Image courtesy of Scott Ramsay


One of the largest intact wilderness areas on the continent, Kafue's colossal size has also been its downfall. However, with a surge in conservation and tourism investment, Kafue's is poised to become an African conservation headliner. The Busanga floodplains in Kafue already draw good numbers of travelers to witness the late dry season gathering of wildlife, particularly the misty sunrises and good Lion viewing. New opportunities have opened up for more adventurous travelers seeking solitude, remoteness and soulful safari experiences.

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