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The Wetland Desert


A Safari mecca, a biomass refuge, Botswana is synonymous with Safari. The vast aeolian Kalahari sands cover the infinitely flat country with little more than mild dune crests that break the horizon. This is a flat, endless and spars place. Very few people and hundreds and hundreds of miles of wild roads, its a country unique in that it is home to far more wildlife than people. 

Kyle de Nobrega Okavango Helicopter Safari (136 of 178).jpg


A miracle wetland, a flooded desert, the Okavango Delta is unique in accessible Africa. Regulated by waters from Angola, this flatland of sand and water has created a unique opportunity for wildlife to thrive in an otherwise low biomass ecosystem. The Okavango is set apart from elsewhere on the safari continent by the juxtaposition water-myriad and aridity.


The Kalahari

A personal favorite, an ancient retreat of man, the deep Kalahari in Botswana has a fingerprint sense of solitude. One of the largest protected areas on Earth and equally as remote, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is an Eden of peace, Kalahari Lions and murmurs of mega herds of days gone by.

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