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We chose for very specific reasons to reside in Botswana. The wilderness scale of Botswana is unparalleled apart from a few inaccessible tracts of rainforest in Central Africa.

It might be the only country left in Africa where you could drive for days without seeing a single person whilst still falling asleep at night to the distant calls of lions. This is really what makes this country so special, the vastness of habitat that still very much belongs to the wildlife is endless. The ancient sands that make the Kalahari so deeply fascinating, is the pantry to a plethora of subterranean foods which made it possible for modern humans to evolve here into what we are today.

There is a lot to be said about the numbers of Elephants in Botswana. Whatever side of the debate one might be on, hunting or photographic tourism, the undeniable truth is that these last mega herds reside en mass in Botswana because of the protection they have been given from the brutal trauma that uncontrolled hunting and poaching causes. Ironically, as ‘destructive’ we might love to anthropomorphically portray them; their numbers are the largest left in Africa which makes Botswana an incredibly important refuge for the conservation of mega fauna in Africa.

 As with many of the other popular safari destinations in Southern and East Africa, it requires creativity to get away from the crowds and Google itineraries. However, the growing global appreciation for a slower safari experience makes Botswana one of the very best regions in Africa to make the most of her endless wilderness and healthy population of wildlife.