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The last of it's kind


This is a last-frontier and a place for those in search of the deepest kind of adventure. 'Africa as it was 150 years ago', South Sudan has an unrivalled savanna biomass within miles and miles of intact, horizonless habitat. Incomparable to anything else on Earth.

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To the west of the great Nile are expansive floodplains that cover swathes of Earth too remote to penetrate. Okavango-like but intact with thousands of Shoebill, the greater Shambe area is paradisiacal and unexplored. Criss-crossed by thousands of miles of game trails, mostly from Sitatunga, and dotted with date palm islands, misty mornings in Shambe are some of the most beautiful on Earth.

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Legendary and notorious, Boma National Park conjures up images in the mind of an untamed wilderness on the edges of the Earth. Intact and pristine, Boma is where the world's largest concentration of wildlife exists. White Eared Kob numbers are in the millions and a plethora of species like Nubian Giraffe, Mongalla and Brigth's Gazelle, Eland, Lion and Leopard all occur. Dotted with granite inselbergs, Boma is diverse and exceptionally beautiful.

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The lesser known region that along with Boma forms part of the core Kob migratory route. Badingilo is a roadless expanse of savanna with healthy populations of all kinds of wildlife. The great herds of Tiang occur here en-mass numbering at least half a million. Badingilo is an important refuge for the migrating herds of Gazelle, Tiang and Kob, and a fragile wilderness in need of support given its proximity on the edges of Juba.

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Protruding northwards from the Ugandan border, the montane highlands of the Imatongs are clad in a rich biodiversity of afro-montane forest alive with birdsong. The Imatongs provide a vastly different feel to the rest of this monotonously flat country and the relief of cool, misty weather offers an opportunity to expericen all that this country has to offer.

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Cultural Diversity

South Sudan is a culturally rich and dynamic coming together of humans with the Nile as an ancient anchor. Known for cattle loving people like the Dinka and Mundari who are some of the most affectionate cattle-caring herders on Earth. Anyuak hunters live within the Boma region on the Ethiopian border living off Job and alluvial agriculture where high up in the Eastern highlands the lip-laye adorned Kachipo prefer to exist within the forests. South Sudan is a culturally rich part of the planet where for the most part, warm, friendly and welcoming people are met all along the way.

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The Sudd

Mythical, the stuff of childhood dreams, the great Sudd swamps conjure up wild images of a far flung wilderness in the middle of Africa. Here, the White Nile spills over an immense, flat and vast basin creating the continents largest swamp bed covered by Papyrus and Reed Grass. Deep within, the largest and last great stocks of fresh water fish in Africa thrive. Sitatunga and Nile Lechwe are well represented in and amongst a scattering of humans brave enough to live in this  uninhabitable wilderness.

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