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The all time classic


Tanzania has the truest spirit of Safari. Renowned for exceptional service, traditional style camps and the friendliest of people, a Safari to Tanzania feels homely, engaging and rewarding. With a mammals count over 300, a bird species count of almost 1000 and the country with the largest assemblage of large mammals in Africa, its little wonder why it ranks as an all time favorite. The one major issue with Tanzania is that you wont fit it all in on one safari, there is a lot to see and do!



The longest Lake in the world, the second deepest and holding 16% of the world's fresh water, Lake Tanganyika is more Ocean like than anything. Its ancient history, white sandy beaches, colorful Cichlids, very laidback atmosphere and its friendly people all blend beautifully offering a rich yet relaxed break from any safari, especially from the remote western circuits.



The most beautiful place in Africa? An unparalleled location and a camp with more charm than necessary, a safari to Mahale is far more than just chimps, although it wins in that department too. Mahale is a an a refreshing encounter with a wild and soulful place.



Some things are best kept secret. Katavi is one of those. A wild place with few other people and excellent wildlife ... 



Synonymous with Safari, this great and exceptionally productive grassland ecosystem has earned its reputation for being one of the best safari destinations on Earth. However, this sometimes comes at the price of high density tourism. Its a vast place and with a little bit of creativity, there are corners one can hide and still experience it like it was hundreds of years ago.

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