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The 'other' Congo


The Little Congo, Congo Brazzaville or the Republic of Congo, is an incredibly friendly country that has had a completely different trajectory then its larger cousin to the east, the DRC. Congo Brazzaville begins on the most northern deposits of the Kalahari before giving way to the vast rainforest interior.​

For those looking for a sensory overload, The Republic of Congo and the several wilderness regions offer true adventure and in certain areas, in luxury and style similar to that of the more traditional safari routes of East and Southern Africa. Don't be fooled, the deepest of adventure exists if that is what you are looking for!​​

Kyle de Nobrega - Odzala (5 of 6).jpg

Odzala Kokoua NP

Odzala is unique in that it is run by a commercial tourism operator in a region very few dare to invest. This has provided a rare opportunity to have a similar level of luxury and service on par with East and Southern Africa whilst maintaining an excellent wildlife and wilderness feel. Odzala and Kamba Camps have bravely pushed into an unknown world and are helping change the way we see this part of Africa. 

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Nouabale Ndoki NP

Correctly termed 'The Last Place on Earth' by NatGeo in the late 90's, this is a place very few ever get to visit. Here, Chimpanzees have been found that show no sign of fear towards humans, evidence that these deep forests have been free from human presence for centuries. Ndoki offers extraordinary Western Lowland Gorilla viewing opportunities and a bai (forest clearing) where both Gorilla and Elephant can be seen together. This is an Eden and an echo of the past. Noubale Ndoki is for those with a passion for the deepest kind of wilderness. This is a place worth supporting!

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