A land where Whales, Gorillas & Mandrills meet


NatGeo bestowed Gabon with the term 'Africa's Eden', true, accurate and potentially underrating. A wild and endlessly green country, Gabon has an unrivalled and untapped tourism potential. Diverse in its habitat portfolio, Gabon is the only place where Humpback Whales, nesting Turtles, Mandrills, Lowland Gorillas, Red River Hogs, Forest Elephant, Giant Pangolin all meet. In its stages of infancy, this country is slowly opening up to the world and we look forward to supporting this country and all it ahs to offer.



The place renowned for 'wildlife on the beach'. Loango National Park and its relatively easy access in a country with so few roads is unsurprisingly the most well know of all the National Parks in Gabon. Loango is also the best place in the country to walk alongside habituated Western Lowland Gorillas while on the same day watching the sun set over the Atlantic. For deep 'rainforest' experiences there are a few special little camps in and around Loango to find Forest Elephants by boat, Red River Hogs on foot and in the right season, wildlife on the beach.



Withour further ado, Lope is THE place in Africa to see wild and habituated Mandrills. This is one fo the foundation elements setting Gabon apart from the rest of rainforest Africa. Charles Darwin termed it well: " no other member of the whole class of mammals is colored in so extraordinary a manner as the male adult Mandrill ".Arrive by train, leave by train, Lope must be on the Gabon agenda. 



in 2001 the famous conservationist-explorer, Mike Fay, 'discovered' a clearing in the forest called Langoue Bai. So remote and impenetrable, this special clearing may or may not have been known to locals before the discovery. One of only 2 bai's in Africa where both Forest Elephant and Lowland Gorillas meet, Langoue and its virgin rainforests are worth exploring for those who seek the 'hidden gem'.