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Like that of the DRC, the Central African Republic and the word tourism hardly ever sit alongside each other in the same sentence. How then can it be possible that one of the most powerful Elephant and wilderness experiences in the world occur in a small remote corner of this incredibly diverse country?

Pushing the boundaries of what is realistic; Sangha Lodge in the friendly and safe Bayanga province of CAR is currently one of the only wildlife tourism facilities within the entire central basin of Africa, unfortunately. This makes visiting Sangha lodge incredibly rewarding, conservation centric and pertinent! Not only will you experience Central African wildlife and wilderness here to the point that you won’t want to leave, but supporting tourism in this part of Africa makes your pilgrimage to Sangha Lodge and Dzangha Sangha National Park truly instrumental for the motion of central African rainforest conservation through tourism.

And then there is the bai...

Imagine being witness to over one hundred Forest Elephant interacting and mining minerals between herds of Forest Buffalo in Dzangha bai, the window of central African rainforest magic. It also happens to be one of the only reliable locations to see a rainforest enigma, the massive Bongo antelope. Along the same rugged road that leads to the area of the bai, is the oldest research and habituation site for Western Lowland Gorillas in Africa. The combination of witnessing these energetic great apes, spending the day at Dzangha Bai watching more Elephants interact in one place than you’ve ever seen before and ending the day off with a cold Cameroonian beer overlooking tall stands of primary rainforest really makes the Sangha experience unique. Sangha Lodge truly is a growing and valuable asset to rainforest conservation through sustainable tourism within the greater Congo Basin.