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Bonjour Sauvage


Tourism and CAR are not synonymous ... That is changing. Like anywhere on Earth there are corners of refuge, safe places shining with potential. In the massive Central African Republic, most of the vast interior is relatively unstable with little to offer a traveler other than extreme adventure. The CAR however once was a thriving safari destination, a country home to the profoundly productive northern savanna ecosystems and the Congo basin rainforests. Diverse in culture, wildlife and habitat, the CAR is a country that has a lot worth protecting.


Dzangha Sangha

'The Village of Elephants' also know as Dzanga Bai is one of the continents greatest Elephant experiences. Is this the best place in Africa to see Giant Forest Hog, Western Lowland Gorilla, the massive Bongo antelope and Forest Elephant? Pushing the boundaries of what is realistic, Sangha Lodge has fought a hard long decade to drive conservation-centric tourism into the region. The only place to stay in this vast and safe corner of the country, a visit here is instrumental in pioneering wilderness sustainability through tourism. One of the true greats in Africa, Dzangha Sangha is a must for any African travel enthusiast.



As remote as it gets. Chinko is an emerging conservation success story, hopefully one of the greatest of our times. Diversity here is unparalleled, Chimps, Lions, Golden Cats, Wild Dogs, Lord Derby's Eland, Leopard and both species of African Elephant, what is not worth protecting? Still in its infancy stages of rehabilitation, African Parks has been slowly restoring not only wildlife and habitat, but essential peace that will pave the way forward for tourism. Currently, there are options of adventurous remote fly camping safaris with a massive emphasis on angling to fish on fly for Giant Tigerfish. We look forward to the evolution of Chinko over the next few years, a destination we have a keen eye on!

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