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Frontier Conservation Journeys

 Lopé National Park - Gabon

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"responsibly sourcing the best safaris in the World since 1999"

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Conceptual Safari design for those who seek refined wilderness travel.


A collection of signature itineraries built on experience and unveiled only through personal engagement with us


Low volume, high value experiences

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Conservation-centric safaris supporting destinations and partners that share the same long term conservation vision for Africa's wildlife and wilderness

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We champion safaris shared with those closest to us and exposing the little ones in our lives to the story of Africa's wilderness.

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Pure guest voyage craftmanship.


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Driven by what was learnt many years ago when in guide training (empathy being taught as the 'golden rule') our safari ethos is guest-centric.

Itinerary detail, trust, reciprocity and efficiency are key components. Through lesson and experience, we provide Safari concepts with a focus on refined-travel experiences and creativity.

We choose to travel deeper, we have seen the effect it has on people. By deeper we don't just mean the wild heart of the DRC, but anywhere we can combine 'layer-unravelling' with knowledge. This paves way for the 'Un-Googled' approach.

Our Safari style revolves around you, not us.

The Vision – design beautiful and true Safari experiences that have positive impacts for the wildernesses we rely upon.


What we believe in - full circle, conservation-centric experiences.

Africa's wilderness may seem endless, but there is limit. Reciprocity (give and take) is crucial for the sustainability of Africa's tourism landscape..

We have chosen to travel deeper, offering new opportunities and changing perceptions. Our aim is to stimulate awareness for the 'other side of Africa', a vast part of the continent worthy of its share in conservation tourism.

Were in search of the best guest experiences available on the continent and we partner with those who share a similar vision.

Every traveler has the ability to play a crucial role for Africa's wilderness and conservation. Your value is undeniable.

We want to share these amazing stories with you ...

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Sustainable African travel, creative safari concepts and frontier travel are rooted deeply both within Kyle and Journeys by Design.


Together, we have chosen to partner given the shared vision and ethos.


The organizational and operational support of an internationally recognized operator allows the freedom in creativity needed during the safari design process and when out on safari guiding.

We have complimentary skills and a common aim to transform the way tourism can benefit Africa.

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Family, Safari and a 'Wild-life' ...

At the young age of 18, Kyle took his first game drive after finishing an 8 month guide training course at the foothills of the Waterberg Mountains in South Africa. Fresh out of school, "there was nothing else I wanted to do".


After a few years and a tiny bit of experience, Kyle made his way north towards the lowveld and looked for work in the Sabi Sands. After 4 weeks of sleeping in the back of his 4x4 at a local filling station on the outskirts of the reserve, he eventually found a job and spent 2 years guiding in an area with the highest density of Leopards on Earth.

Here, Kyle met his lifelong partner around a bushfire and after a few fun years in the Sands and in the Kalahari, Kyle and Ruth continued the migration North into Botswana. They both managed a niche photographic concession in the south eastern corner Botswana for 3 years before once again their feet got itchy. They packed what simple belongings they had and headed north into Tanzania. and onto the waters of Lake Tanganyika. Here, they kayaked the length of the longest lake in the world for Rhino Conservation before eventually heading back South, retiring on the edges of the Okavango Delta in Maun where they currently reside.

The adventure from there went one way...


Kyle has since travelled extensively across Africa with an increasing focus and passion on remote and conservation-centric destinations to the lesser known parts of Africa. These include Chad, both Congo's, Gabon, the CAR, South Sudan and anywhere with a potential to design powerful safaris for the growing niche of travelers seeking new opportunities in an overcrowded world. Doing so, Kyle has become a specialist in this field and an expert in Africa's Remote Destinations. Using his professional photography skillset , he has worked on several conservation photojournalism projects for African Parks as well as becoming part of their exclusive team of conservation travel partners.

Kyle currently works together with Journeys by Design as the Exploration Specialist and Pro Guide.

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Our relationship model is personable. Please get in touch so that we can get to know each other. Un-Googled Safari concepts is what drives us.

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