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One needs to remember that there are 2 Congo’s, the little Congo and the old Zaire, the massive Congo. Each have their own energy, spirit and history.

The Little Congo, Congo Brazzaville or the Republic of Congo, is an incredibly friendly country that has had a completely different trajectory then its larger cousin to the east, the DRC. Congo Brazzaville begins on the most northern deposits of the Kalahari before the roads become increasingly entangled the further north they meander until eventually, some of the largest tracts of rainforest blanket the country in a swathe of broccoli.

Diverse in habitat and culture, the little Congo is a refuge for the last remaining Ba’aka pygmies who are some of the most significant carriers of botanical knowledge on Earth. The forests are so dense and remote that in parts, Chimpanzees still exist in such isolation that terms such as ‘naive chimp’ and ‘The Lat Place on Earth’ where born. Forest Elephant genetics have survived the hand of man, and in the denser regions of rainforest and rivers, massive Tuskers still exist in density like that of nowhere else left in Africa.

Tourism is proving to be one of the most important and necessary tools to manage wildlife and wilderness and organisations like the Congo Conservation Company, African Parks and the Wildlife Conservation Society are paving the way and opening the doors to tourism in a region that desperately needs it.