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It is unsurprising that the acronym, DRC, hardly ever makes an appearance within the genre of tourism. The country has been marred by a history of negativity that has been unhealthily long, making the massive DRC a country with a limited outlet of hope and positivity. It doesn’t appear first on Google as the number one destination to go on safari in Africa, but it well very might be one of the most profound. The ability we have to turn the tide through focussed conservation tourism is beyond the breath of words. Virunga epitomizes this the hardest.

Virunga National Park is not only the oldest National Park on the continent, but it has been claimed to be the most biologically diverse. Savannah meets rainforest here, and while Mountain Gorillas relax along the misty gradients of the Albertine Rift Mountain range, shy Lions still patrol along the savanna tracts of the foothills. It might be one of the boldest conservation efforts in Africa where the largest team of conservation guards in Africa work around the clock to protect this Eden in Africa and support their families through their time on the front line.

This truly makes the experience in Virunga not just about the wildlife and wilderness, but about the immense value we have as adventure travellers to play a significant role in conservation-tourism.

 The combination of being in the bold presence of Mountain Gorillas and summiting the Nyiragongo volcano, the largest lava lake in the world, makes Virunga National Park unparalleled anywhere else on Earth.