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Our Story in a Seedpod

Could it be possible that one of the most mind blowing Elephant experiences on the African continent is in the middle of the Central African rainforest? Or one of the most abundant concentrations of wildlife anywhere in Africa along a Sahelian floodplain on the doorstep of your camp in Chad? Or maybe the most sensational of them all to fall asleep on the rim of a Congolese volcano overlooking the largest lava lake in the world after spending the day before trekking the Mountain Gorillas.

It is true and this is where our embedded passion lies, true wilderness and trans-formative experiences in Africa's most remote and adventurous destinations.

Kyle de Nobrega took his first game drive with hardly any experience with an unfortunate group of paying tourists at the tender age of 18. Back then, 12 years ago, it was within the Waterberg region of South Africa that the deep passion for wildlife and Nature was encouraged at a small, intimate training camp under the shade of many Wild Seringas. From there the journey made its way into the Sabi Sands where at the bottom of a low lying valley called the Lowveld, a region extremely rich with tourists toting the term “Big Five”, he literally had to beg for a job on a budget so small it could only include a few canned tins of food and beer a day (a story Id rather share on safari). 2 years of looking at so many Leopards it would make anyone’s eyes sore, he drove his old Hilux 4x4 along with his partner Ruth, towards the dusty Kalahari where they spent the last stint of their South African career observing Meerkats and walking with Aardvarks every day.

Kyle and Ruth continued the migration North and managed a niche photographic concession in south eastern Botswana for almost 3 years for C4 Photo Safaris before they packed their simple bags and headed onto the waters of the longest lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika, to complete an unassisted 600km kayak paddle down the length of her shore to raise money for Rhino conservation.

The adventure from there only went one way. Together they have spent countless hours on the road across Africa dealing with stunning views, road-less roads and lovely policemen at road blocks. From training the guides and staff in Zakouma National Park in Chad, summiting Nyiragongo volcano in the not-so-Democratic Republic of Congo to a month long photographic assignment in what has been called ‘The Last Place on Earth’ in the great Ndoki rainforest of the slightly more friendly Republic of Congo, one thing really forms the core of everything they do, travelling and sharing the pure joys of African adventure travel and the inspiring work of conservation.

Currently, and I guess they will see how long it lasts, Ruth, Kyle, their son Ira Wild and their friendly dog Rafiki, live on the banks of a river in Maun, the frontier safari town on the edge of the Okavango delta in Botswana. Ruth now makes one of the very first ever pan-African safari gins in the middle of the Okavango called, well, Okavango Gin, while Kyle continues to curate holistic safari experiences and guide once off private journeys into the last Edens of Africa.